Welcome to our FAQ's. Everything you need to know is right here, but if there is answer you can't find please visit the "contact us" page and type in your question. We will get back with you shortly. 


  • About Us
    • From Ormond Beach, FL, Habana Brisa brand has been available since 2021. Most other suncare products are mass produced and owned by large corporate conglomerates, but Habana Brisa has a different philosophy. Ron Rice and his team hand picked the best-of-the-best from customer care to production and distribution, and believes our community and the environment are our top priorities. 
  • Returns
    • We don't accept returns. Contact us if there are any questions. 
  • Shipping
    • We ship to all U.S. locations and to some international locations. Contact us regarding specific locations. 
    • We price postage based on weight and size and everything is shipped from a central ecommerce center.
  • Payment methods
    • We accept American Express, Apple Pay, Discover, Meta, Google Pay, Mastercard and Visa. All you have to do is look at the bottom of the site to see what cards are referenced.