Ormond Beach, FL - Habana Brisa, a leading provider of Reef Friendly Suncare is pleased to announce its participation in Ultraviolet Safety Month, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of protecting oneself from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Ultraviolet Safety Month, observed annually in July, serves as a timely reminder of the potential dangers associated with prolonged sun exposure. As the summer season reaches its peak, it is crucial for individuals to understand the risks posed by UV radiation and take appropriate measures to safeguard their skin health.

Habana Brisa offers a range of innovative products designed to protect against harmful UV rays. From sunscreens with high SPF 30, 50 and 70 ratings to protective clothing and accessories, Habana Brisa is committed to providing effective and stylish solutions for UV protection.

To support Ultraviolet Safety Month, Habana Brisa will be launching a series of educational campaigns and initiatives. These efforts aim to increase public awareness about the importance of sun safety practices, such as wearing sunscreen, using protective clothing, seeking shade and avoiding peak sun hours.

"We are thrilled to be actively involved in promoting Ultraviolet Safety Month," said Wendy Holly, Habana Brisa CEO. "Our mission is to empower individuals to enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from harmful UV radiation. Through our initiatives, we hope to educate and inspire people to make sun safety a priority in their daily lives."

Habana Brisa encourages individuals, families, and communities to join them in spreading the message of UV safety during this month and throughout the year. By taking simple precautions, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the sun while minimizing the risks associated with UV exposure.

For more information about Habana Brisa's UV protection products and initiatives, please visit habanabrisa.com.

About Habana Brisa:

Habana Brisa is a leading provider of Reef Friendly Suncare, dedicated to enhancing the well-being and safety of individuals under the sun. With a focus on innovation and quality, Habana Brisa offers a wide range of UV protection products including lotions, sprays and Habana Brisa gear designed to make sun safety simple and stylish.

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