[Ormond Beach, FL] - Habana Brisa, a prominent sunscreen company known for its commitment to protection and enjoyment, knows that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on gratitude and appreciate the meaningful relationships that enrich our lives. As the holiday season approaches, Habana Brisa recognizes the significance of cherishing unforgettable moments with family and friends while ensuring sun safety and having fun.

Celebrating this holiday is an opportunity to create lasting memories while promoting healthy sun habits. Under the theme "Sun-Kissed Thankfulness," Habana Brisa encourages individuals to indulge in the festivities of Thanksgiving while being mindful of their skin's well-being. The company's range of high-quality sunscreens ensures optimal protection from harmful UV rays, allowing people to bask in the warmth of the holiday without compromising their skin health.

Habana Brisa believes Thanksgiving should be a time of celebration, gratitude, and fun. Habana Brisa sunscreens are designed not only to protect, but also to enhance the experience of being outdoors. We want people to enjoy their time with loved ones, engage in outdoor activities, and create beautiful memories while feeling confident about their skin's safety and well-being.

To amplify the holiday spirit, Habana Brisa has launched an engaging social media campaign (Facebook and Instagram), inviting users to share their favorite Thanksgiving moments using the hashtag:


Participants will have a chance to win an unforgettable family pack of four amazing Lip Balms, Sunglasses and one lotion for adults and one lotion for kids. Habana Brisa will select winners on November 30, 2023.

Habana Brisa hopes that by nurturing a culture of fun, gratitude, and responsible sun care, people will feel empowered to embrace the holiday season and create cherished memories in the sun (or outdoors) with the ones they love. For more information about Habana Brisa and its dedication to sun protection and fun, please visit or Amazon.


 About Habana Brisa:

Habana Brisa is a woman-owned business located in Ormond Beach, FL that is dedicated to promoting skin health and offering high-quality skincare solutions in lotions and sprays for kids and adults. With a focus on sun protection and nourishment, Habana Brisa aims to empower individuals to prioritize their skin health. Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, Habana Brisa offers conscious consumers the opportunity to indulge in self-care while having fun in the sun. With the late Ron Rice’s passion to develop Reef Friendly products with his signature smell, he designed Habana Brisa to nourish and protect your skin. High quality Reef Friendly suncare is the future of sunscreen as we know it. Discover the transformative power of Habana Brisa and experience the beauty of healthy, radiant skin.


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